Chapter 13

Relocating for the Right Job


check Determining your living expenses

check Securing housing and roommates

check Getting familiar with a new city

Your dream job may be in another city or in another country. If you have little or no commitments tying you down to your current location then it makes it easier to pursue opportunities, wherever they may be.

Before you jump in and accept an offer, though, take time to research what it costs to live there. If you’ve already jumped in and accepted an offer without doing your research, well, that’s okay. It’s never too late. Your high-paying job offer may all of a sudden not look as good if it’s in an expensive city like New York or San Francisco. These cities are notoriously high priced, where even if you make six figures, you need to find roommates to live comfortably. On the flip side, if your job is in a city like Tucson or Minneapolis, you may be able to rent or more easily buy a two-story house with a swimming pool and tennis court.

Do you like going out and meeting people or eating at good restaurants? In this chapter, you learn how to figure out the scene at the cities you’re considering.

Evaluating the Cost of Living

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