Chapter 15

Building Your Professional Network


check Breaking bread with your co-workers

check Getting together with your colleagues in a group

check Reaching out to colleagues on other teams

check Treating your clients as colleagues

check Staying in touch with colleagues online

The people you meet and the connections you make in your first job will stay with you for years. You’ll most likely make good friends at work. You also have the chance to develop a professional network of people who can help you secure your next job or promotion. They can make you aware of new opportunities and, as they move to other organizations, they can recommend you to their employers. These folks can also be your best references. And you’ll be able to help them down the line, too.

If you’re outgoing and make friends easily, networking will come naturally to you. If you’re shy or socially awkward, don’t worry! The tactics described in this chapter are easy to follow, even for someone who’d rather connect with his computer ...

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