Getting Your Game Out There

Video description

Video game journalist Jason Imms has seen some of the best and worst games, game pitches, and game press releases the world has ever known. This experience, and the associated experience of seeing which games sell and which games don't, compelled him to create this instructional series on how to best promote a game in today's overheated video game market.

This course offers current and aspiring game developers an insider's look at games marketing, networking, crowdfunding, social media presence, promotion, and how to be noticed by the press and influencers.

  • Discover how to describe a video game so video game reviewers will write about it
  • Understand how to align a game with the audience that wants to buy it
  • Explore how to write press releases, handle interviews, and make a press kit
  • Learn how crowdfunding works, both as a financing and a marketing tool
  • Gather insider tips on how to effectively network at video game shows and conferences
  • Gain confidence in the ways to hype a game on social media, reward fans, and handle detractors
Jason Imms is a games and technology journalist who writes about games and game production for media outlets like CNET, Giant Bomb, GameSpot, IGN, PC PowerPlay, Kill Screen, and Hyper Magazine. Jason is the founder of the Tasmanian Game Development Society; he tweets about games @jasonimms and blogs about them at

Product information

  • Title: Getting Your Game Out There
  • Author(s): Jason Imms
  • Release date: April 2017
  • Publisher(s): Infinite Skills
  • ISBN: 9781491970300