10GE 10Gb/s Ethernet
10G-EPON IEEE 802.3 Ethernet passive optical network, 10Gb/s down-stream, 1 or 10Gb/s upstream
1G-EPON IEEE 802.3 Ethernet passive optical network, 1 Gb/s in both directions
3GPP Third Generation Partnership Project, responsible for IMS andLTE
AAA Authentication, authorization, accounting
AAL ATM adaptation layer
AAL1 ATMadaptationlayer1, intendedforconstantbitrateclients, ITU-TI.363.1
AAL2 ATM adaptation layer 2, TDM clients with multiplexed or inter- mittent transmission, ITU-T I.363.2
AAL5 ATM adaptation layer 5, asynchronous data clients, ITU-T I.363.5
ABF Air-blown fiber
AC Alternating current
ACH Associated channel header, MPLS, pseudowires, IETF RFC 5586
ACK Acknowledge
ACL Access control list, multicast, sometimes also called a whitelist
ACS Access control server, BBF TR-69
ADSL Asymmetric digital subscriber line, defined in ITU-T G.992 family
ADSS All-dielectric self-supporting (aerial fiber cable)
AES Advanced encryption system, (U.S.) federal information proces-sing standards publication 197
AES_CMAC AES in cipher-based message authentication mode
AES_ECB AES in electronic codebook mode
AES-CTR AES in counter mode
AF Assured forwarding, IP traffic priority class, IETF RFCs 2597, 3260
AGC Automatic gain control
AIS Alarm incoming signal. Indicates a failure that need not bereported as an alarm because the upstream equipment has alreadynotified management about the problem.
AM Amplitude modulation ...

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