Appendix D. Additional Resources


  • Web sites with useful information

  • Real-time interaction with GIMP users via chat

This book is designed to be as comprehensive as possible and give you everything you need to have a complete understanding of GIMP. That said, GIMP development happens quickly and it's good to have additional resources to allow you to more effectively track new features as they get added. Also, the GIMP user community is an indispensable source of not just technical information on using GIMP, but also immediate feedback and valuable critiques of your work.

This appendix shares some of the resources on the Internet that I've personally found useful and I hope will be useful for you.

On the Web

Seeing as how GIMP is distributed almost entirely via the Internet, it's natural that the first place anyone is going to look for more information is the World Wide Web. Now, your Internet kung fu may be strong, but this list should work as a great supplement to give you a good head start.

  • The official GIMP web site ( — I would be remiss if I did not include the official GIMP web site in a list of valuable Internet resources. Not only is this the place to go to download the latest version of GIMP and find out about any new developments with it, but it's also a well-organized portal to the entire GIMP community. Probably the most valuable part of this is the official documentation at Aside from that, though, there is a variety of good ...

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