Chapter 4. A Brief Overview of GIMP's Tools


  • Using selection tools to pick out parts of your images

  • Making modifications with image tools

  • Using enhancement tools for tweaking and cleaning up images

In any industry that requires you to "build" something, you require a toolset to do the work. Within it, the individual tools have specific purposes. GIMP is no different. GIMP comes with many tools — so many, in fact, that it takes a while for those new to the interface to become acquainted with what is available, and to learn how to use each one in a production environment.

In this chapter you learn about using many of GIMP's tools to enhance, manipulate, and edit your work. You get started by examining the View menu.

The View Menu

This section covers the View menu in GIMP's image window. You can adjust the "view" of your work within the image window with the many menu items that are available. This section looks at how to modify your work within the image window using operations such as Zoom, Snap to Grid, and much more.

Modifying Your View in the Image Window

Sometimes when you are working with GIMP, you want to see parts of your work more clearly, enlarged or shrunk down to specific sizes. No matter what you decide you want or need, GIMP can accommodate your needs.

In the image window, click the View menu and look at the many options available to you in the tools offered here. You can adjust the view, which is how you see your image while working. For example, you can start ...

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