Chapter 16. Enhancing Images with Artistic Filters


  • Mimicking pencil and paint with artistic filters

  • Creating borders for your images

  • Using filters to make quick automated effects

  • Creating artistic images using specialized filters

  • Applying decorative elements to your images

When applying your editing skills and focusing on creativity, no set of filters rivals the Artistic filters found within GIMP. You can now focus on artistry and imagination while enhancing your digital images. Your creative options expand greatly once you learn and know how to use GIMP's Artistic filter set. The purpose of these filters is to simulate the effect of a few different traditional art media and techniques and apply them to photographs.

Artistic Filters

In the following sections, you will learn how to apply effects like cubism and oil painting, create old-looking photos, use the GIMPressionist toolset, and apply textures such as canvas.

Apply Canvas

If you are looking for a filter to apply a canvas-like texture to your image, you need the Apply Canvas filter. This filter gives your picture or composition the same texture as the canvas an artist paints on.

This filter is located in the image window menu under the Filters

Apply Canvas

Within the Apply Canvas filter options are a zoom-capable preview pane, and sliders for horizontal and vertical adjustments. As you will find with most Artistic filters, they are ...

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