Github Actions and GitOps in One Hour Video Course

Video description

Get started with Github and Github Actions in this introductory video to GitOps concepts, by building a container, setting some Github Actions to prevent problems, and finally, push to DockerHub in a fully automated way.
These concepts are critical to get automation best-practices in place with Github. Particularly useful when collaborating with others and trying to run automated checks on Dockerfiles and git repos.
Topics include:
* Create a new Github repository
* Enable Github Actions checks and steps for a new repository.
* Find a Github Action to lint and check a Dockerfile to prevent issues before merging on pull requests.
* Add Github Secrets and reuse them in a Github Action
* Validate that a container builds correctly, and automatically push to dockerhub

Table of contents

Product information

  • Title: Github Actions and GitOps in One Hour Video Course
  • Author(s): Alfredo Deza, Noah Gift
  • Release date: February 2021
  • Publisher(s): Pragmatic AI Solutions