Chapter 12 Collaborating Outside of GitHub

Chapter 12

Collaborating Outside of GitHub


Bullet Setting up GitHub integration in Slack

Bullet Setting up GitHub integrations in Trello

Bullet Installing Octobox to manage notifications

While GitHub may be the hub of a software development project (it hosts the key deliverable, the source code), it is not the only place where collaboration occurs. Software development teams use a variety of tools to communicate and coordinate their software efforts. Many people who are not developers also work on a software project and will want to keep apprised of the progress of a project in the tools they use.

For example, a lot of day-to-day collaboration occurs in chat rooms, such as Slack. Others may use a Trello board to manage tasks for a team. Still others may use Octobox to keep on top of their GitHub notifications.

In this chapter, we explore the various integrations that bring GitHub information into other collaboration tools. This chapter is in contrast to Chapter 13 where we cover integrations that bring information from other tools into GitHub to improve the software development workflow.

Chatting It Up

For many teams, especially distributed ...

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