Notes on Contributors

Peter Baudains is a Research Associate at the UCL Department of Security and Crime Science. He obtained his PhD in Mathematics from UCL in 2015 and worked for five years on the EPSRC-funded ENFOLDing project, contributing to a wide range of research projects. His research interests are in the development and application of novel analytical techniques for studying complex social systems, with a particular attention on crime, rioting and terrorism. He has authored research articles appearing in journals such as Criminology, Applied Geography, Policing and the European Journal of Applied Mathematics.

Janina Beiser obtained her PhD in the department of Political Science at University College London. During her PhD, she was part of the security workstream of the ENFOLDing project at the UCL's Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis for three years. Her research is concerned with the contagion of armed civil conflict as well as with government repression. She is now a Research Fellow in the Department of Government at the University of Essex.

Jyoti Belur is a Senior Research Associate and Senior Teaching Fellow. She served as a senior officer of the Indian Police Service for several years. Her experience and understanding of policing has contributed to her research interests in various aspects of policing, counter-terrorism, crime prevention in the United Kingdom and overseas. She has conducted research on a wide variety of topics including police use of deadly ...

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