Chapter 1

Getting Started in Global Logistics


check Exploring the history and emergence of global logistics

check Introducing SOLE – The International Society of Logistics and its role in “global logistics”

check Identifying the elements of the total logistics enterprise

check Providing the framework for this overview of global logistics

“The line between order and disorder lies in logistics …”

This succinct observation about the importance of logistics was made over 2,500 years ago by Sun Tzu, the Chinese philosopher and general whose work on military strategy significantly influenced both Western and Eastern philosophy.

The requirements for large-scale manufacturing, purchasing, and distribution were mostly found in support of war campaigns, since an armed force without adequate supplies and transportation was doomed to fail. History’s great military leaders Hannibal, Alexander the Great, and the Duke of Wellington are considered to have been logistical geniuses. Alexander's military campaign from Greece to India (334–324 BC) benefited considerably from his meticulous (and occasionally ...

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