Chapter 5

Making Your Product and Establishing Your Global Supply Chain


check Setting up a foreign manufacturing operation

check Deciding whether or not to support locally

check Adapting your management strategies to global operations

Once you’ve decided to enter the global market, what’s next? First, you have to establish a presence in the countries in which you plan to operate. You also have to decide whether to support your global operations from your home location, or build an out-of-country logistics support infrastructure. If you decide not to set up an out-of-country support network, then you have to manage the global logistics operations remotely.

In this chapter, we delve into the decisions you need to make early on, the challenges to the various approaches you can take, and the questions you need to ask yourself along the way.

Establishing Your Presence

For any global manufacturing initiative you have to establish operations in a location that not only ensures an economical and efficient supply of raw materials to the factory, but also provides all the production logistics support necessary to manufacture and distribute the finished goods to the customers. If this sounds familiar, ...

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