Chapter 8

Keeping Everything Running Smoothly


check Keeping the manufacturing line up and running

check Using metrics as indicators of success

check Reducing the risk of production stoppage

check Dealing with production disasters

You’ve made the decision to open another manufacturing plant, this time in a foreign country. And you’re confident of success there, based on the success you have experienced at your domestic location. But, is that really the case? While you may have replicated your domestic manufacturing processes, your foreign operation has a number of differences that can’t be overlooked or discounted. Are you using the exact same machinery? Is your supply chain for incoming materials as robust? Is your foreign workforce as well trained?

In this chapter we address many of the challenges you need to consider to ensure you keep everything running smoothly. Once you have adequately addressed those challenges, you need to develop plans and schedules to help you predict and respond to production stoppages in your manufacturing processes — including preparing for major production disasters. ...

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