Chapter 9

Protecting Your Designs and Data


check Developing a plan to manage supply-chain risk

check Keeping your intellectual property safe

check Protecting yourself from industrial espionage

check Recovering from the loss of logistics data

Though it is a cliché, every company is different — or at least tries to be. You may have your own unique processes, materials, marketing, or pricing strategies to gain a competitive advantage. And although you may feel confident in your ability to keep others from copying your unique capabilities in your domestic market, you may be surprised to learn how hard it is when you venture into the global marketplace and establish supply chains that carry with them increased fragility and vulnerability.

In addition to exploring the management of global supply chain risk, this chapter discusses some of the ways to help you protect your unique intellectual property and sensitive trade data in an expanded foreign environment. You’ll also learn what to do if you’ve become a victim of industrial espionage, and you’ll find suggestions for the prevention of and recovery ...

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