Chapter 10

Moving It from “Here” to “There”


check Choosing what type of transportation to use

check Building and managing your own fleet

check Deciding when to use freight forwarders

You’ve probably come to realize that a lot of planning must take place before you enter a new foreign market. Whereas Part 2 discusses transportation’s role in foreign manufacturing operations, this chapter focuses on the movement of product that has been made domestically and is to be shipped to foreign markets for sale and distribution.

It is a common sight in many countries to see trucks, containers on trains, and even aircraft incorporate the term “logistics” in the company’s name. While transportation is certainly a critical element of global sales and marketing, it is only a part of the larger whole. Given that, it is an extremely important part, as its cost and effectiveness often drive other decisions concerning your domestic inventory and production rates.

Choosing Your Transportation Modes

Most people view logistics as moving things in trucks on roads. While it’s true that the trucking industry carries a large share of the traffic, there are other modes of transportation to consider as well — ...

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