Chapter 11

Keeping Everything Secure


check Investigating and responding to threats to your distribution chain

check Dealing with piracy — on land and on the sea

check Screening your inbound and outbound cargo for compliance

check Protecting your cargo against loss or damage

You’ve decided to distribute your domestically manufactured products globally and have invested heavily in their production and distribution. But how safe are your investments? When you’re operating in a global environment, there are many concerns.

Even domestic distribution chains can experience delays caused by natural or man-made incidents. Your goods will inevitably experience damage or loss. This chapter discusses some of the reasons for interruptions in your distribution chain and how to account for them.

Identifying Potential Distribution Chain Threats

A host of things can go wrong with your global distribution chain, either through natural or man-made events. Because your global distribution chain is a continuous chain made up of various entities called “links,” the weakest links need to be identified to prevent ...

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