Chapter 12

Making the Sale


check Establishing your foreign points of sale

check Creating a winning foreign sales strategy

check Finding — and keeping — your foreign customers

check Gaining customer loyalty through logistics

There’s an old saying in business: “Give the customers what they want.” If you’re considering expanding your business to a foreign market, you have most likely been successful in providing your domestic customers what they want. But have you fully considered what the customers want in your new foreign marketplace? Even if you’re convinced that they want the products you manufacture, have you given sufficient thought to how your foreign customers expect the product to be packaged, delivered, and supported?

In this chapter, we will discuss some of the ways logistics can support the delivery and sale of your product to your foreign customer, in a manner that provides customer satisfaction at a competitive price.

Identifying and Establishing Your Points of Sale

A common practice when expanding one’s marketplace to a foreign location is to start by completing a test distribution ...

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