Chapter 14

Understanding and Accommodating Cultural Differences


check Understanding language and cultural barriers in your foreign location

check Determining inconsistencies in your corporate climate

check Dealing with social and political uncertainty

You have been successful in your domestic market and have decided that now is a good time to take your firm’s capabilities and expand them into the global marketplace. Your company has significant expertise in the logistics of retail operations, logistics consulting, and distribution, as well as logistics management for the public and private sectors. You’ve either been approached by someone in the global marketplace to provide logistics services or are thinking about responding to a request for proposal for foreign logistics support. Before you throw your hat in the global logistics services ring, how sure are you that your services will be successful in a foreign market?

In this chapter, we will discuss dealing with language or cultural barriers that are frequently encountered by even the most successful firms while working in an environment where the goal and objectives of your domestic company (and its domestic owners or stakeholders) ...

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