Chapter 16

Deciding on Your Source of Manpower


check Determining your labor pool

check Employing expatriates, local nationals, and third-country nationals

check Directing and keeping your foreign workforce

In providing logistics support services, your manpower is your most essential element — and your greatest expense. When you are contemplating providing logistics support services for a client in a foreign location, there are many workforce factors to consider. Do you bring a full staff from your domestic operations or hire local nationals? Do you hire permanent employees or contract out your workforce? Are there laws in the foreign country or region governing who you can hire? And are there additional expenses associated with your workforce that you may not have experienced in your domestic operations?

In this chapter we will discuss the various types of employees, as well as the pros and cons of the use of each type. Because each country’s laws related to the hiring and management of employees differ, you will need to find local experts familiar with the laws in the country or countries where you are planning to provide logistics support services.

Identifying Your Labor Pool: Internal ...

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