Chapter 18

Understanding Global Humanitarian and Disaster Relief Logistics


check Understanding the global humanitarian and disaster relief (H&DR) environment

check Defining the role of logistics in H&DR

check Meeting the members of the international humanitarian relief community

check Exploring the three phases of operational response

Perhaps you’ve responded to emergencies in your own country and feel ready to take your experience and expertise into the global arena. Or you may be a newcomer to disaster relief, propelled by a sense of corporate social responsibility to alleviate the suffering that occurs in faraway disasters. Either way, understanding the operational construct and “language” of the international humanitarian and disaster relief (H&DR) community — especially the logistics component — is essential.

In this chapter we explain the categories and scope of disasters as well as the many players involved in the conduct of relief operations, especially once the affected country asks for outside help. Both the complex lines of command and control and their specifically defined roles ...

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