Chapter 20

Operating as Part of the H&DR Logistics Team


check Deploying your assets

check Supporting humanitarian and disaster relief (H&DR) logistics operations

check Wrapping up your mission

You’ve made the corporate commitment to provide a logistics disaster relief team and have an assignment — now the hard work begins!

In this chapter we discuss the steps to take in the various phases of the deployment, operations, and redeployment of your team and its equipment.

Deploying Your Humanitarian & Disaster Relief (H&DR) Logistics Team

Your team is ready to depart. Before it goes, make sure you’ve taken care of the following:

  • The team’s mission assignment has been updated to reflect changed conditions in the affected country.
  • You’ve matched personnel and equipment to the mission.
  • You’ve finalized your plans for getting your personnel and equipment to the affected country.

Updating your mission assignment and equipment list

When you first made the corporate commitment to provide a logistics relief team, you likely establised teaming agreements with one or more relief agency partners. These agreements included a general scope of work that listed the categories of work you may be asked to ...

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