Chapter 23

Top Ten Resources


check Using additional resources for in-depth understanding of global logistics operations

check Gaining a more detailed knowledge of the mechanics of global logistics

In this chapter, we provide what we consider to be the most comprehensive resources for your further understanding of global logistics. Several of the organizations cited — which are listed by topic — apply to more than one of the book’s sections; accordingly, we’ve included them under the topic we thought most appropriate.

We intentionally did not include sources with a “.com” or “.net” email address. While you will find some excellent information from the websites of “for profit” entities, you will also find occasionally that the information has been presented in a way to promote the site owner’s reputation or sales.

Finally, we did not specifically list any “.gov” reference. Rather, we recommend that you make use of your country’s diplomatic agencies — such as embassies or trade delegations — tasked with establishing and developing trade relationships with the country you want to deal with.

Global Logistics Manufacturing and Distribution

In this section you’ll find some of the more valuable resources in helping you make your decision to set up foreign manufacturing operations.

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