A/D Analog-to-digital (conversion)
ADC Analog-to-digital converter
ADR Accumulated delta range
ADS Automatic dependent surveillance
AGC Automatic gain control
AHRS Attitude and heading reference system
AIC Akaike information-theoretic criterion
AIRS Advanced inertial reference sphere
ALF Atmospheric loss factor
ALS Autonomous landing system
altBOC Alternate binary offset carrier
AODE Age of data word, ephemeris
AOR-E Atlantic Ocean Region East (WAAS)
AOR-W Atlantic Ocean Region West (WAAS)
AR Autoregressive
ARMA Autoregressive moving average
ASD Amplitude spectral density
ASIC Application-specific integrated circuit
ASQF Application-Specific Qualification Facility (EGNOS)
A-S Antispoofing
ATC Air traffic control
BOC Binary offset carrier
BPSK Binary phase-shift keying
C/A Coarse acquisition (channel or code)
C&V Correction and verification (WAAS)
CDM Code-division multiplexing
CDMA Code-division multiple access
CEP Circle error probable
CNMP Code noise and multipath
CONUS Conterminous United States, also Continental United States
CORS Continuously operating reference station
COSPAS Acronym from transliterated Russian title“Cosmicheskaya Sistyema Poiska Avariynich Sudov,” meaning “Space System for the Search of Vessels in Distress”
CPS Chips per second
CRC Cyclic redundancy check
DGNSS Differential GNSS
DGPS Differential GPS
DME Distance measurement equipment ...

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