Bureau of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) office,
contacting of, at port of entry, 283–284
Bureau of Export Administration (BXA), 107
Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), 49, 52, 195
additional information and contacting, 278–279
defined, 217
entry list of, 55
export violations from, samples of, 109–116
exporting knowledge required of, 107–116
Office of Exporter Services of, 278–279
of U.S. Department of Commerce, 272
Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) License for Direct
Product of U.S. Technology of Software, reexport
guidelines, 276
Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) License for Product of a
Plant or Major Component of a Plant Based on U.S.
Technology, reexport guidelines, 277
Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) License for Reexport,
Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) License for
U.S.—Origin Content, reexport guidelines, 274–276
Bush, George W., Pres., 62, 195
Business relationship management, contract and, 144–146
Butler, Thomas Campbell, export violation by, 109, 109f
Buying commission, 247
BXA. See Bureau of Export Administration (BXA)
C terms, 173
Canada, Agence de Revenu of, 70
Canada Border Service Agency, 70
breakbulk, defined, 217
marine, 146–148
Cargo insurance, all-risk, defined, 215
Cargo release, in FAST program, 71–72
Carnet, defined, 217
Carriage and Insurance Paid To (CIP), 176
Carriage Paid To (CPT), 176
Carrier(s), management of, 54–55
Carrier registration, in FAST program, 69–70
Carriers operational profiles, post 9/11, 103
CBP. See U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)
CBP Federal Regulations Part 134, 89
CBP Service Container Security Initiative, 192
CBP website, 282–283
CCL. See Commerce Control List (CCL)
Census Bureau, 195
exporting knowledge required of, 105–106
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), 141
Centralized examination station (CES), 287
Certificate of Origin
defined, 217
of NAFTA, 289–290
Certificate of registration, 252–253
Certification, defined, 300–301
CES. See Centralized examination station (CES)
CFR. See Cost and Freight (CFR)
Charge(s), handling, transmittal, defined, 225
China, sourcing from, 45–50
additional incremental costs in, 48
assists in, 48
best practices, 46–50
control INCO terms in, 47
C-TPAT in, 49
deemed exports in, 49–50
exchange rates in, 50
financial management in, 49
lead times in, 48
mentality of contract negotiation in, 47
price options in, 50
problems associated with, 45–50
proprietary rights management in, 49
relationships and, 46
short-term and performance-driven guidelines in, 47
spread of risk in purchasing decisions in, 50
CIA. See Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
CIF. See Cost, Insurance, and Freight (CIF)
CIP. See Carriage and Insurance Paid To (CIP)
“C.I.T.” See U.S. Court of International Trade (“C.I.T.”)
Citizenship and Immigration Service for Canada, 70
Claim for preferential treatment, of NAFTA, 290
Claims procedures, in managing political risk insurance,
Classification(s), tariff, harmonized, in import management,
Climate, legal, as factor in sourcing vs. outsourcing, 3
Clingage, defined, 217
CNE&D. See Confiscation, nationalization, expropriation,
and deprivation (CNE&D)
Coca Cola, 11
Combi, defined, 217
Commerce Control List (CCL), 105–106, 118, 273–274
Commerce Country Chart, 119–120
Commercial driver applications, in FAST program, 70
Commercial samples, of NAFTA, 290
buying, 247
selling, 247
Commission agent, defined, 217
Commissioner of Customs, staff of, 235–236
Commodity specialist, defined, 217
Commodity specific information, of NAFTA, 290
in managing political risk insurance, 162–163
transactional, import, 83–84
Communication, energy, and transportation infrastructure,
in global sourcing, 22
Compaq, export violation by, 114
Competition, for resources, in global sourcing, 19
Competitive advantage, in developing inbound supply chain
risk management strategy, 180–182
anti-boycott, exporting knowledge required of, 123–125
in developing inbound supply chain risk management
strategy, 182–183
import, 239–242. See also Import compliance
post 9/11, 45–47
Compliance management, post 9/11, 94–104
carriers operational profiles, 103
compliance management, 104
described, 104
documentation detail, 102
financial consequences, 104
inbound supply chains required changes, 102
logistics costs escalate, 101
supplier qualifications, 103–104
U.S. government reactions to, 96–101
Computed value, 247
Condition(s), in managing political risk insurance, 163–164
Confidential business information, confidentiality of,
NAFTA-related, 290
Confidentiality, of confidential business information, of
NAFTA, 290
described, 153
nationalization, expropriation, and deprivation
(CNE&D), 153
Congress, 73
Consignee, ultimate, in import management, 79
Consignment, defined, 218
Consolidator, defined, 218
Container Security Initiative (CSI), 64, 243–246
business relationship management and, 144–146
negotiation, mentality of, in sourcing from China, 47
review of, in managing political risk insurance, 163
Contracting out, vs. joint venture or ownership, 13–15, 14f
defined, 301–302
in import management, 78–79
application to foreign partners, in developing
inbound supply chain risk management strategy,
in managing political risk insurance, 165
Control over ingredients, as factor in sourcing vs.
outsourcing, 4
Cook’s Law of Global Risk, 25–27
as factor in sourcing vs. outsourcing, 5
landed, 37–57. See also Landed cost(s)
Cost, Insurance
and Freight (CIF), 175
Freight (CIF), defined, 218
Cost analysis, landed, steps in, 42
Cost and Freight (CFR), 175
Countertrade, defined, 218
Country of origin marking, of NAFTA, 291
Court Fines Ford Motor Company Over $20,000,000
for Failure to Declare Assists and Supplemental
Payments, 267
Court of International Trade, 271–272
CPT. See Carriage Paid To (CPT)
export, 149, 151–160
in managing political risk insurance, 164–165
letter of
defined, 222
irrevocable, defined, 222
Credit risk insurance, defined, 218
Criminal/administrative case examples, 109–116
CROSS. See Custom Rulings Online Search System (CROSS)
CSI. See Container Security Initiative (CSI)

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