goal of, 178–179
Main-Carriage, 173
On-Carriage, 173
Pre-Carriage, 173
recommendation for, 178–179
INCO terms, in sourcing from China, 47
Inconvertibility, currency, 154
Industry Alerts, 285
Informal entries, in importation and customs clearance
process, 254
Ingredient(s), control over, as factor in sourcing vs.
outsourcing, 4
Instability, economic, as factor in sourcing vs. outsourcing, 4
Institute of London Underwriters, 159
cargo, all-risk, defined, 215
credit risk, defined, 218
marine, defined, 223
political risk, management of, steps in, 160–166. See also
Political risk insurance, management of
Insurance exposures, in global supply chain, 135–138
Insurance Services Office (ISO), loss or damage not
covered by, 152–153
Insured loss, defined, 302
Insurer(s), defined, 302–303
Insurer deductible, defined, 303
Integrity, 63
Intellectual property rights, of NAFTA, 293
Intellectual Property Rights Recordation (IPRR) online
system, in import management, 93
Intelligence, political risk, in managing political risk
insurance, 163
Intercompany transfers, in developing inbound supply chain
risk management strategy, 197
International Air Transportation Association (IATA),
defined, 222
International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), 172

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