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Global Supply Chain Management: Leveraging Processes, Measurements, and Tools for Strategic Corporate Advantage

Book Description


Do you have a global supply chain strategy designed for the long run?

About 90 percent of global demand is not fully met by local supply, and global supply chains will soon account for 25 percent of multinational firms' performance--meanwhile, supply chains need to become 43 percent more global in the next decade just to maintain a firm's competitive edge.

Written by three of today's leading experts on the subject--each from Michigan State University, the uncontested world leader of supply chain management--Global Supply Chain Management gives you the know-how and tools to dramatically boost supply chain efficiency by making it a core element of your overall corporate strategy.

Global Supply Chain Management takes you step by step through the process of creating and managing a global supply chain strategy and aligning it with the conditions of your industry. Learn everything you need to know about developing a core strategy plus strategies for each of the critical supply chain functions:

  • LOGISTICS--Integrate logistics strategy and tactical activities
  • PURCHASING--Manage the transition to purchasing globally
  • OPERATIONS--Systematically design, direct, and control processes
  • MARKET CHANNELS--Effectively connect your supply chain to customers

With in-depth case studies and data showing how American Express, AB InBev, Dell, FedEx, Daimler, Microsoft, Nestlé, Nokia, and several other prominent companies have applied global supply chain strategy to increase profits and growth, Global Supply Chain Management helps you take action to drive similar success in your company.

If you're serious about competing today--and in the future--you must integrate and leverage strategic supply chain management into your overall corporate strategy. Global Supply Chain Management provides everything you need to build a strategy designed for the long run.


"This book does a superb job of using a total value perspective and integrating business functions into a strategic framework for global supply chain management that can be leveraged for success." -- Leif Johansson, Chairman of the Board of Directors of AstraZeneca, Ericsson, European Round Table of Industrialists, and the International Advisory Board of the Nobel Foundation

"Written by a superb team of world-leading authors on global supply chain management, this book provides a great framework for companies to leverage global supply chain functions and processes, measurements, and tools to achieve sustained strategic advantage in the global marketplace." -- Michael Lawton, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Executive Vice President of Finance of Domino's Pizza, Inc.

"In our company, we have come to recognize the strategic importance of building and maintaining a global supply chain. This book does an excellent job of identifying a framework for considering the implications of an integrated model for global supply chain management. It's clear that the authors have tremendous experience, and they have shared their insights in an innovative and integrative way." -- John Shull, Vice President and Global Procurement Officer of Steelcase Inc.

"Global supply chains are critically important to companies in delivering products and services that satisfy customers. Hult, Closs, and Frayer provide an excellent model for how to drive the strategic and operational dimensions of global supply chain management to maximize end-customer value." -- Claes Fornell, Chairman of the Board of Directors of CFI Group Worldwide and ForeSee, and founder of the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI)

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. Preface
  7. CHAPTER 1 Global Strategy and Global Supply Chain Management
    1. Welcome to the Intriguing World of Global supply Chain Management
    2. Global Trade and Global supply Chains
    3. Emerging Markets and Global Supply Chains
    4. Global Strategic Supply Chain management
    5. Global Location of value-Added Activities
    6. Important Definitions and Distinctions
    7. Integration of Global Supply Chain Functions
    8. How Global Supply Chain Management Achieves Benefits
    9. Supply Chain management Integrating Processes
  8. CHAPTER 2 Industry Implications for Global Supply Chains
    1. Diagnosing Industry Globalization Potential
    2. Understanding Market Globalization Drivers
    3. Market Globalization Drivers' Implications for Supply Chains
    4. Understanding Cost Globalization Drivers
    5. Cost Globalization Drivers' Implications for Supply Chains
    6. Understanding Government Globalization Drivers
    7. Government Globalization Drivers' Implications for Supply Chains
    8. Understanding Competitive Globalization Drivers
    9. Competitive Globalization Drivers' implications for Supply Chains
    10. Guidelines for Diagnosing Industry Globalization Potential
    11. Appendix: Measures of Industry Globalization Drivers
  9. CHAPTER 3 Global Supply Chain Infrastructure
    1. Basic Worldwide Infrastructure Issues
    2. Transportation, Communication, Utilities, and Technology Infrastructure
    3. Supply Chain Security, Risks, and Value
    4. Legal Considerations, International Contracts, and Insurance
    5. Commercial Documents and Customs Clearance
    6. Terms of Payment and Currency of Payment
    7. International Commerce Terms (Incoterms)
    8. World Customs organization and the Harmonized System
    9. globalEDGE™: Your Source for Global Business Knowledge
    10. Guidelines for Assessing Global Supply Chain Infrastructure
    11. Appendix: Logistics Performance Index 2012
  10. CHAPTER 4 Logistics in Global Supply Chains
    1. Global Logistics strategy
    2. Global Distribution Centers
    3. Global Inventory Management
    4. Global Packaging and Materials Handling
    5. Transportation
    6. Reverse Logistics
    7. Guidelines for Logistics in Global Supply Chains
  11. CHAPTER 5 Purchasing in Global Supply Chains
    1. Global Purchasing Strategy
    2. From Domestic to international to Global Purchasing
    3. Types of Purchasing Strategy
    4. Outsourcing, Offshoring, and Their Derivatives
    5. Global Customers and Channels
    6. Order Fulfillment and Delivery
    7. Global Supplier Selection
    8. Global Supplier Networks
    9. Critical Success Factors for Purchasing in Global Supply Chains
    10. Guidelines for Purchasing in Global Supply Chains
  12. CHAPTER 6 Operations in Global Supply Chains
    1. Global Operations Strategy
    2. Make-or-Buy Decisions in Global Supply Chains
    3. Global Production and Manufacturing
    4. Competitive Priorities in Global Supply Chains
    5. Total Cost Analysis in Global Supply Chains
    6. Process-Based Quality Standards
    7. Supply Chain Operations Reference Model
    8. 1PL/2PL/3PL/4PL/5PL
    9. Guidelines for Operations in Global supply Chains
  13. CHAPTER 7 Market Channels in Global Supply Chains
    1. Global Market Channels Strategy
    2. Customer Value-Creating Global Processes
    3. International Market Entry Modes
    4. International Wholesaling, Retailing, and Franchising
    5. Exporting and Importing
    6. Going Global Online
    7. Place and the Other Three Ps
    8. globalEDGE Diagnostic Tools and Market Potential Index (MPI)
    9. Guidelines for market Channels in Global Supply Chains
  14. CHAPTER 8 Managing Global Supply Chains
    1. Value of Managing the Location of Global Activities
    2. Importance of Coordination in Global Supply Chains
    3. Coordination Mechanisms in Global Supply Chains
    4. Interorganizational Relationships in Global Supply Chains
    5. Value Propositions in Global Supply Chain Relationships
    6. Stakeholders and Global Supply Chain Sustainability
    7. Guidelines for Managing Global Supply Chains
    8. Wrap-up of the Intriguing World of Global Supply Chain Management
  15. Notes
  16. Index