Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRBs)



Ship's Masters should ensure that all crew members know the type of EPIRB and SART carried and the way in which the equipment operates. In particular the line provided on EPIRBs is for tying the EPIRB to a liferaft or lifeboat and NOT for tying the EPIRB to its housing or to its float-free mechanism. The line on a SART is for lashing the equipment to as high a point as possible in a survival craft, and NOT for towing the SART in the water!

Basic Characteristics of Operation on 406 MHz

The COSPAS-SARSAT System uses 4 satellites at a height of about 1000 km, in near-polar orbits, and operated jointly by the USSR (COSPAS) and an American/Canadian/French consortium (SARSAT). ...

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