The contents of this Appendix reproduced by kind permission of the Australia Maritime Safety Authority, to whom grateful thanks is extended.



Co-ordinates of Australian SAR and AUSREP area are:

The coast of the Antarctic continent in longitude 75° E thence

  6°00'S   75°00'E   9°37'S 141°02'E
  2°00'S   78°00'E   9°08'S 143°53'E
  2°00'S   92°00'E   9°24'S 144°13'E
12°00'S 107°00'E 12°00'S 144°00'E
12°00'S 123°20'E 12°00'S 155°00'E
  9°20'S 126°50'E 14°00'S 155°00'E
  7°00'S 135°00'E 14°00'S 161°00'E
  9°50'S 139°40'E 17°40'S 163°00'E
  9°50'S 141°00'E to the coast of the Antarctic continent in ...

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