10.2. Integration with 'Makefile.am'

Automake supports Libtool libraries in two ways: It can help you to build the Libtool libraries themselves, and also to build executables that link against Libtool libraries.

10.2.1. Creating Libtool Libraries with Automake

Continuing in the spirit of making Libtool library management look like native static archive management, converting a 'Makefile.am' from static archive use to Libtool library use is a matter of changing the name of the library and adding a Libtool prefix somewhere. For example, a 'Makefile.am' for building a static archive might be as follows:

lib_LIBRARIES      = libshell.a
libshell_a_SOURCES = object.c subr.c symbol.c

This builds a static archive called 'libshell.a' consisting of the objects ...

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