1.6. Email and Newsgroups

1.6.1. Sending Mail

To Keystrokes
Compose a mail message C-x m
Compose a mail message in another window C-x 4 m
Compose a mail message in another frame C-x 5 m
Insert contents of the .signature file C-c C-w
Send message C-c C-c
Define an alias for a name or a group of names ESC x define-mail-alias

1.6.2. Reading Mail with RMAIL

Emacs interfaces with a number of mail programs, but its own mail program is RMAIL.

To Keystrokes
Read mail with RMAIL ESC x rmail
Scroll to the next screen of the message SPACE
Scroll to the previous screen of this message DEL
Move to the beginning of this message .
Move to the next message n
Move to the previous message p
Move to the first message <
Move to the last message >
Jump to a certain message (preface with the number of the message to jump to) j
Flag this message for deletion and move forward d
Flag this message for deletion and move backward C-d
Undelete a message that has been flagged for deletion u
Delete all messages flagged for deletion x
Save message in RMAIL file format o filename RETURN
Save message as a standard ASCII text file C-o filename RETURN.
Display a window that lists all messages h
Exit RMAIL q

1.6.3. Reading Mail with Gnus

Emacs has a built-in newsreader called Gnus. To enter Gnus, type ESC x gnus. You'll see a group buffer, commands for which are listed below. Select the newsgroup you want to read. Commands for the summary buffer, which lists ...

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