Chapter 1. Plotting Curves, Boxes, Points, and more

This chapter contains the following recipes:

  • Plotting a function
  • Plotting multiple curves
  • Using two different y-axes
  • Making a scatterplot
  • Plotting boxes
  • Plotting circles
  • Drawing filled curves
  • Handling financial data
  • Making a basic histogram plot
  • Stacking histograms
  • Plotting multiple histograms
  • Dealing with errors
  • Making a statistical whisker plot
  • Making an impulse plot
  • Graphing parametric curves
  • Plotting with polar coordinates


We begin the book with a set of recipes that cover gnuplot's one-dimensional graph styles. A 1D graph refers to the plotting of data or mathematical functions where the values plotted depend on a single variable. Examples are simple mathematical functions, such as y = sin(x), ...

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