Generating random recommendations

In order to obtain the places from which our code will randomly build up recommendations, we need to query the Google Places API. In the root meander folder, add the following query.go file:

package meander 
type Place struct { 
  *googleGeometry `json:"geometry"` 
  Name            string         `json:"name"` 
  Icon            string         `json:"icon"` 
  Photos          []*googlePhoto `json:"photos"` 
  Vicinity        string         `json:"vicinity"` 
type googleResponse struct { 
  Results []*Place `json:"results"` 
type googleGeometry struct { 
  *googleLocation `json:"location"` 
type googleLocation struct { 
  Lat float64 `json:"lat"` 
  Lng float64 `json:"lng"` 
type googlePhoto struct { 
  PhotoRef string `json:"photo_reference"` 
  URL      string `json:"url"` 

This code defines the structures ...

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