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Go Web Programming

Book Description


Go Web Programming teaches you how to build scalable, high-performance web applications in Go using modern design principles.

About the Technology

The Go language handles the demands of scalable, high-performance web applications by providing clean and fast compiled code, garbage collection, a simple concurrency model, and a fantastic standard library. It’s perfect for writing microservices or building scalable, maintainable systems.

About the Book

Go Web Programming teaches you how to build web applications in Go using modern design principles. You’ll learn how to implement the dependency injection design pattern for writing test doubles, use concurrency in web applications, and create and consume JSON and XML in web services. Along the way, you’ll discover how to minimize your dependence on external frameworks, and you’ll pick up valuable productivity techniques for testing and deploying your applications.

What’s Inside

  • Basics

  • Testing and benchmarking

  • Using concurrency

  • Deploying to standalone servers, PaaS, and Docker

  • Dozens of tips, tricks, and techniques

  • About the Reader

    This book assumes you’re familiar with Go language basics and the general concepts of web development.

    About the Author

    Sau Sheong Chang is Managing Director of Digital Technology at Singapore Power and an active contributor to the Ruby and Go communities.