List of Acronyms, Terms, and Abbreviations

ABAP: Advanced Business Application Programming, a programming language for SAP

ABC: Activity-Based Costing

ADMS: Application Development, Maintenance, and Support

ADR: American Depository Receipt

APAC: Asia-Pacific Countries

API: aApplication Programming Interface

ATM: Automated Teller Machine

BA: Business Analyst

BASIS: The foundation of SAP applications, working like an operating system in the SAP environment

BCA: Business Component Architecture

BEP: Break-Even Point

BI: Business Intelligence

BOM: Bill of Materials

BPR: Business Process Reengineering

BRM: Business Relationship Manager

BT: bBusiness Transformation

CAD: Computer-Aided Design

CAE: Computer-Aided Engineering

CAM: Computer-Aided Manufacturing ...

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