Great Teams Have a Shared Dream

Real unselfishness consists in sharing the interests of others.


America is the greatest nation on earth. I believe that fully. We aren't perfect and we've made a lot of mistakes; we've committed our sins. But there is no country that does a better job of protecting our God-given rights. No place provides more opportunity than the United States. We were founded on a good idea—actually a lot of good ideas—and if we can keep true to them we will maintain the greatness and qualities that make us exceptional.

We are the greatest nation on earth because we are the best at taking the strengths and positive values of people from so many ethnic and racial and cultural and religious backgrounds and getting these people to share a dream.

Members of great teams have a shared dream.

Growing up we read and heard our country described as “The Melting Pot” and “A Nation of Nations” and a “Nation of Immigrants.” How we bring people together and get people working together and stay focused on the same goal is one of the most important components of our greatness.

E  Pluribus  Unum—Latin for “Out of Many, One”—is our natio-nal motto.

E  Pluribus  Unum could also be a motto for any organization or team that hopes to win and achieve something enduring and extraordinary.

E  Pluribus  Unum is also about having a shared dream.

When America is at its best, it is a family and a community with a common identity, values, laws—and hopefully objectives. We ...

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