Agricultural demand, as an indicator
Alchemy of Finance, The (George Soros)
Aluminum, rate-of-change indicators
American Petroleum Institute
Anatomy of a Crash (J.R. Levien)
Asian currencies
Asian indexes, as indicators
Asian Tiger nations
Associates’ program
Australian equity market


Bacon, Louis
Bancor Unitas
Band methodology
Bank lending, reflation and
Bank of Japan (BOJ)
Bank of Korea
Banking sector
Bar charts versus line charts
Bauman, Jennifer
Bell, Craig
Bell, Stanley B.
Bernanke, Ben
Breakdown pivot, countertrend trading and
Bretton Woods System
red flags for
value of
vehicles to monitor
Bush administration, policies of


Canadian dollars
Candlestick charts
Capacity utilization, as an indicator
Carter, Jimmy
Central Bank of China
library of
exports and
U.S. dollars held by
Chinese factors
Clinton, William
Commitment of Traders Report (COT)
Commodities Corporation (CC)
buyout by Goldman Sachs
Commodities Exchange Center (CEC)
Commodity Research Bureau Index
Confidence, trading and
Contango, definition of
Copper, oscillators
Correlated risk
Countertrend trading
candlestick charts and
CPI Rural Index
CPI Urban Price Index
Craig, Grenville
Credit spreads, monitoring
Crude oil
gold interplay with
Gulf War and
prices, importance of
Currency depreciation, introduction to


D’Italia, Sandra
David, Ted
Decisions, making
Deep debt inflation
Deflation, imports and
Deflationary pressure, food sectors and
DeGaulle, ...

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