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Michael StuebenGood Habits for Great Codinghttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-3459-4_20

20. Problem Solving

Michael Stueben1 
Falls Church, Virginia, USA
  • The lame in the path outstrip the swift who wander from it.—Francis Bacon (scientific philosopher), Novum Organum (1620), section 61.

  • Writing code at midnight may be fun, but writing code at midnight the day the assignment is due is not fun.—a senior taking his fourth programming class (December 2011).

  • Another reason for the dullness of so many short pieces is that too few academic writers have had enough experience of writing. A good writer, like a good pianist, needs daily practice and a love of the art for its own sake. To keep in practice, he must write his ...

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