Chapter 8. Making Ads Stand Out

Ad Extensions

There are up to eleven AdWords ads on a page. Lucky advertisers have few competitors, but for most, at least some keywords cause ten competing ads to appear on the search results page. In this situation, the challenge is not only to win a desirable position on the page but to make the ad noticeable and compelling. Higher position on the page often helps improve clickthrough rate, but relevancy is a huge factor. Even if the ad appears in the last position on that page, it has a chance of winning the click if it’s the most relevant result for the searcher.

Optimizing ads begins with proper account organization. If the ad group is focused on a specific theme, the ad text can reflect that theme. But what happens if all your competitors do this well, too? How can you make your ad stand out? An AdWords feature called ad extensions lets you do just that.

Extensions are “add-ons” that make ads appear more relevant or useful for a searcher. They can also occupy a larger area on the search results page. There is no additional cost for using extensions, but if the extension connects a searcher with the advertiser, the advertiser is charged for a click. You can implement multiple extensions for each campaign, but not all extensions are applicable for every situation.

There are six types of ad extensions: location, sitelinks, products, social, mobile app, and call. You may not see all extensions in your account.

Extensions are available at the campaign ...

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