Part IV. Converting Clicks to Clink

Converting Clicks to Clink

In this part . . .

Up to this page, the book has been devoted to AdWords. In other words, you now know how to give money to Google. This part shows you how to make money from paying customers — hopefully, more than you spend on AdWords.

In Chapter 10, I cover the vital importance of dedicated landing pages that quickly begin scratching the itch expressed in the keyword and inflamed in the ad. You uncover how to get your visitors to say "This is for me" within one second of their arrival at your site.

I expound on my favorite topic, e-mail follow-up, in Chapter 11. No matter how wonderful your Web site, if you don't stay in touch with prospects and customers, they forget all about you. This chapter gives you the strategies to stay in touch with your Web site's visitors long after they leave your site and shows you stunningly powerful and inexpensive tools that put follow-up on autopilot.

Chapter 12 covers a wide array of other Web-site strategies, all of them based on the time-tested principles of direct marketing: engagement, calls to action, and ascending levels of value exchange and intimacy.

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