Even More Customization

At this point, you know enough to add Google Seach to your page. If you want to pull your sleeves up and customize Google Search further, continue reading this section. Otherwise, we recommend reading the Using the Wizards to Generate Code section. The team at Google has created some fun wizards that make it even easier to add fun search functionality to your web site.

Using Callbacks

The Google Search API has several callback methods. A callback method is one that is triggered when an event takes place, such as loading a page or completing a search. These are useful if you want to perform an action based on a particular event. You have already seen the setOnLoadCallback method in action. This method is called when the document containing the call is loaded.

Here is a complete list of the callback methods offered by the API, in alphabetical order:

  • setOnClearCallback from GSearchForm: Called when the Clear button on the search form is clicked.

  • setOnKeepCallback from GSearchControl. Notifies caller when a user has selected for copy a search result.

  • setOnLoadCallback from the GSearch base class. Calls a specified method when the document containing the call loads.

  • setOnSubmitCallback from GSearchControl. Called when the Search button is clicked, or when the Enter key is pressed while the search text input box has focus.

  • setSearchCompleteCallback from GSearchControl. Notifies caller upon the completion of a search.

  • setSearchStartingCallback from GSearchControl. Notifies ...

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