Chapter 9. Mashup

In this last chapter, we will build smaller apps that help your users do more with Google. One of the most requested scripts we hear about is from the IT admin who has his hands full keeping the router up and running but now also needs to help get the Google website’s forms submitted to the right department. To take care of this task, we will cover automating the sending of emails to different people when Google forms are submitted.

Oh and don’t forget, the boss also likes to see pretty charts to demonstrate how well her department is performing, and that information needs to be a live update. Google Sites allows you to organize data and create great reports and in this chapter you will learn how to get data from a spreadsheet and display it as a chart that dazzles your boos and gets you that raise we know you deserve.

Directing Email Using Google Forms

Google Forms are a very convenient way to quickly get information into a spreadsheet. Add some Google Apps Scripts, and you can turbocharge those forms to send email notifications, generate other data in the spreadsheet, and do lots of other things you might want to do when getting data from a form.

In this section you will learn the basics of getting form information into a Google Apps Script and sending an email based on a selection from a drop down-list in the Google Form.

Here are the tools you’ll be using:

  • Google Forms

  • MailApp

  • Event triggers

Open a Google spreadsheet and start creating a form. The ...

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