Google Apps Script on the New IDE: Complete Course with 100+ Examples

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Google Apps Script is a rapid application development platform that makes it fast and easy to integrate business applications with Google Workspace.

This is a complete hands-on course, loaded with 100s of Google Apps Script coding examples to do amazing things with Google G Suite and sample projects to create advanced functionality with Google apps and Google services.

Boost workflow efficiency when working with Google Workspace by automating or streamlining tasks and connect to non-Google services within Google Workspace applications, allowing us to retrieve or upload data from those services into and from Google Workspace. Explore how to deploy your Apps Script project as an add-on extending Google Workspace.

In this course, we will explore how to create and release functionalities within our G Suite apps.

We’ll add custom menus, dialogs, and sidebars to Google Docs, Sheets, and Forms; publish web apps—either standalone or embedded in Google sites; create customized user interfaces that are directly integrated into Google Workspace applications.

By the end of this course, you will become an expert in Google Apps Script.

What You Will Learn

  • Create custom functions within G Suite apps, Docs, Sheets, Gmail, and Slides
  • Explore how to write Google Apps Script code within the G Suite app
  • Create Google Script to power Google apps
  • Create custom functions and macros for Google Sheets
  • Add custom menus, dialogs, and sidebars to Google Docs, Sheets, and Forms
  • Interact with other Google services


JavaScript, basic HTML and CSS knowledge, a Google account, and a basic understanding of web development is a requirement for this course.

This course would be helpful for web developers who want to incorporate Google Script functionality or application developers who want to access the power of Google G Suite within their apps.

This course will also be helpful to anyone who wants to create custom functionalities using Google Apps Script.

About The Author

Laurence Lars Svekis: Laurence Svekis is an experienced web application developer. He has worked on multiple enterprise-level applications, hundreds of websites, business solutions, and many unique and innovative web applications. He has expertise in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, PHP, and MySQL and is also passionate about web technologies, web application development, programming, and online marketing with a strong focus on social media and SEO. He is always willing to help his students experience what technology has to offer and looks forward to sharing his knowledge and experiences with the world.

Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Introduction to Getting Started with Google Apps Script
    1. Introduction to Google Apps Script, How to Write Code, and Explore the Course
    2. Getting Started with Apps Script
    3. How to Write Apps Script Code; Apps Script Editor Overview; Create Code
    4. How to Use the Apps Script Editor; Apps Script Editor Write Code
    5. How to Update Your Project Settings; Updated Project Settings Editor
    6. How to Deploy a Web App and Create Your Own Webapp with URL
  2. Chapter 2 : JavaScript in the Cloud Google Apps Script and JavaScript Basics of Code
    1. Introduction to JavaScript Fundamentals; Modern JavaScript and Apps Script
    2. How to Use JavaScript Variables Functions in Google Apps Script
    3. How JavaScript Arrays and Objects are Used in Google Apps Script
    4. Basics of JavaScript Loops; Conditions JavaScript
    5. How to Apply JavaScript Built-In Methods; Math Date Within Google Apps Script
  3. Chapter 3 : Google Apps Script Sheets Spreadsheet; Service Class SpreadsheetApp
    1. Introduction to Google Spreadsheet Services with Apps Script
    2. Creating Sheets Macros; Writing Code Macros in Spreadsheets
    3. How to Customize Spreadsheet Services; Introduction Class SpreadsheetApp
    4. How to Add Custom Functions to G Suite Sheets; Spreadsheet Sheets Apps Script
    5. How to Update Sheets and Spreadsheet Selection
    6. How to Create New Sheets with Apps Script Sheets
    7. How to Manipulate and Update Sheet Content and Interact with Sheets
    8. How to Get Ranges to Update Content Within Sheets and Selecting Range from Sheets
    9. How to Update Sheet Content and Set Values Within Sheet Cells and Rows
    10. How to Troubleshoot Debugging Dashboard Options Within Google Apps Script
    11. How to Access Data Within G Suite Sheets with Code; Sheet Data Cols and Rows
    12. How to Get Sheets Bound Script; Active Sheet and Selections
    13. Coding Challenge - Mini App to Copy Values into New Sheet
    14. How to Add Menus to G Suite Sheets Menus and UI Functions Sheet UI Object
    15. Coding Challenge - Create a Custom Logger into a Sheet - Track Messages into Log
    16. How to Create Alerts in Sheets; Spreadsheet UI Alerts and Prompts User inputs
    17. How to Add a Modal Popup Window to Sheets with Apps Script; Spreadsheet UI Modal
    18. How to Display Sidebar; Show Sidebar HTML Code from Template File and HTML Code
    19. How to Add Rows to Sheets; AppendRow Adding Rows to Sheet
    20. Coding Challenge - Create a Custom Prepend Function; Prepend Row Exercise
    21. Google Sheets Custom Formulas; Cell Formulas and Custom Functions
    22. How to Add Notes and Comments to Sheets Cells; Cell Notes and Comments
    23. Google Apps Script SpreadsheetApp; Overview Sheet Services
  4. Chapter 4 : Google Apps Script Document Service Class DocumentApp
    1. Introduction to Google Docs Services DocumentApp Class with Apps Script
    2. Google Apps Script Docs Code DocumentApp Class Introduction
    3. How to Create a StandAlone Script Add to Doc
    4. How to Get Document Contents; Document Body with Code
    5. How to Access Paragraph Content; DocumentApp Paragraphs
    6. How to Interact with Paragraphs; DocumentApp Paragraphs 2
    7. How to Set Font Size and Get Body Elements
    8. How to Select Elements; Body Elements as Text
    9. Docs App Interaction with Style Attributes
    10. How to Replace Text Within Body
    11. How to Get Doc Types; List Type Elements
    12. How to Make a Copy of a Doc; Copy Doc; Clear Doc
    13. How to Add a New Table; Create Table
    14. How to Add Menu Items; DocumentApp UI Menu
    15. Coding Challenge - Add Text Within the Doc; Press Menu Button
    16. Coding Challenge - Find and Highlight Text from Doc Content
    17. How to Add Modal Dialogs to Docs; UI showModalDialog
    18. How to Add Menu UI; Show Sidebar UI; Show Sidebar Menu
    19. Coding Challenge - Insert Images in Doc Content; Insert Images
    20. DocumentApp Overview
  5. Chapter 5 : Google Apps Script Drive Service Class DriveApp
    1. Introduction to Google Drive Using DriveApp Service and Classes with Apps Script
    2. Introduction to Apps Script DriveApp Service getFiles
    3. How to Get Files in a Specific Folder Using DriveApp Service; Google Apps Script
    4. How to Make Files Within Your GDrive; Apps Script DriveApp Create a File
    5. Get Info and GDrive Folder Drive Details with Apps Script
    6. How to Send Files to Trash with Google Apps Script
    7. Coding App MiniProject Add and Remove Editors
    8. How to Set Files in Folders; Set File and Folder
    9. Coding App MiniProject Challenge - Create an App to List Folder Details in Sheet
    10. Coding App MiniProject Move File from One Folder to Another
    11. Coding App MiniProject Search Files; Return File Object
    12. Coding App MiniProject Webapp Folder URLs in Webapp from Search
    13. Google Apps Script DriveApp Class Overview
  6. Chapter 6 : Google Apps Script Gmail Service Class GmailApp Methods to Send Email
    1. Introduction to Gmail and Mail Service Google Apps Script Sending Email
    2. How to Send Emails - Sending Emails with Apps Script
    3. Sending an Email in Mail Service sendEmail
    4. How to Create Drafts; Email in GmailApp Service
    5. How to Get Threads Within Gmail Using GmailApp Service Inbox Threads
    6. How to Send an Email Using a Template File; Send Email from Template
    7. Coding App MiniProject Use Doc as Email Template
    8. Coding App MiniProject How to Use Spreadsheet Data List to Send Emails
    9. How to Add Stars to Emails; Star Messages Gmail Classes Apps Script
    10. How to Set Up Message Labels Using Google Apps Script
    11. How to Access Chat Threads GmailApp Class Using Apps Script
    12. How to Find Messages - Apps Script GmailApp Search
    13. Coding App MiniProject Get attachments GmailApp Attachment Class
    14. Google Apps Script GmailApp Overview
  7. Chapter 7 : Introduction to Google Apps Script Calendar Service Class CalendarApp
    1. Introduction to Calendar Apps Services with Apps Script Course Section
    2. Introduction to Class CalendarApp Access Calendar
    3. How to Get Calendar Owner and Settings; Get Owner; Create Calendars
    4. How to Update Google Calendar Name and Add Description
    5. How to Access the Calendar Event Class Using Google Apps Script
    6. How to Create Events CalendarApp Within Google Calendar with Apps Script
    7. Create Events CalendarApp Within Google Calendar with Apps Script - 2
    8. How to Delete and Remove Calendar Events with Apps Script
    9. How to Add Google Calendar Event Guests - Calendar Event Guest
    10. Coding App MiniProject Spreadsheet Calendar Lister - CalendarApp Spreadsheet
  8. Chapter 8 : Google Apps Script Slides Service Class SlidesApp
    1. Introduction to Creating Slides Using Google Slide Service with Apps Script
    2. How to Use Slides Service Class SlidesApp with Google Apps Script
    3. How to Update Google Slides with Code; Slides Bound Script Updates
    4. How to Select Slides Within Google Slides, Get Slides, and Update Them
    5. How to Add Custom Menu Options for Slides Users SlideApp UI Menu
    6. Coding App MiniProject Remove a Slide; Google Slides Presentation Remove Slide
    7. How to Add Text to Slide from Menu Google Slides; Slide TextRange Insert Text
    8. How to Update and Change Google Slides Layout; SlideApp Layouts
    9. Coding App MiniProject Create a Presentation from Sheets
    10. Coding App MiniProject Create a Presentation from Sheets Part 2
    11. Google Slides with Apps Script SlideApp Class Overview
  9. Chapter 9 : Google Apps Script Forms Service Class FormApp
    1. Introduction to Google Forms Service with Apps Script Course Section
    2. How to Create a Form with Apps Script Forms Service; Create a Form
    3. How to Add Items to a Form Using Google Apps Script to Google Form Using FormApp
    4. How to Get Form Items; Update Google Form Contents with Apps Script
    5. How to Set Up Feedback Within Google Form; Feedback Within Form
    6. How to Set Up Response from Google Form; Coding FormApp Class FormResponse.
    7. Coding App MiniProject FormResponses into Sheet; Get Form Responses; Add Sheetdata
    8. Coding App MiniProject Create a Math Quiz in Google Forms Apps Script; Quiz Gen
    9. How to Use Google Forms with Code FormApp Overview
  10. Chapter 10 : Google Workspace Services
    1. Apps Script Useful Google Workspace Class Examples; Common Apps Classes Section
    2. How to Use Class ContactsApp Within Google Services Apps Script
    3. How to Use LanguageApp Service Within Google Apps Script
    4. How to Generate Maps Using Maps Service Within Google Apps Script
    5. Google Apps Script Base Services; Examples of Code
    6. Coding Example: Using Content Service with Apps Script
    7. Coding Example: HTML Service Within Google Apps Script
    8. Send Data from Client Side Back to Google Apps Script; Class Google Script Host
    9. Google WebApp Client-Side Data Scriptlets; Services Host Services Google
    10. How to Store Values Within Google Apps Script; Class PropertiesService User Doc
    11. Create a Request to HTTP Endpoint API Using UrlFetchApp Class
  11. Chapter 11 : Google Apps Script Common Services Mini Apps and Useful Coding Examples
    1. Common Apps Script Coding Examples and Mini Code Projects
    2. Coding App MiniProject Create Charts in Google Spreadsheets; Setup Sheets
    3. Coding App MiniProject Create Charts in Google Spreadsheets; Setup Sheets 2
    4. Coding App MiniProject Add Charts to Slides; Create Slides Presentation
    5. Coding App MiniProject Create PDF in Drive email as Attachment Slides as PDF
    6. Coding Example of Google Docs UI; Add Menu item for Advanced Functions
    7. Sheets UI Menu Button for Advanced Interaction
    8. Getting to Know Sheets Simple Triggers on Edit and Change; Run Some Code
    9. Create a Webapp onGet onPost Simple triggers with Apps Script
    10. Automation Setup Triggers; Run Code on Events and Regular Time Intervals
  12. Chapter 12 : Mini Projects with Web Apps; Create Web App URLs Using Google Apps Script
    1. Introduction to Section Code Examples; Mini Projects
    2. How to Create Multiple Page WebApp Introduction
    3. WebApp Templates Multiple Page WebApp Templates
    4. Multiple Page WebApp Templates 2
    5. Multiple Page WebApp Templates 3 with Apps Script
    6. Interactive Document Custom Functions Introduction; Document UI File
    7. Document UI File Templates
    8. Build the Client-Side Interaction
    9. Docs and Client-Side Interaction
    10. Docs Interactive Project
    11. Apps Script Project Setup Custom Sheet Quiz WebApp
    12. Custom WebApp Quiz Setup from Sheets Using a Web App
    13. Web App Get Sheet Data to Client Side Using Apps Script
    14. Adding Input Fields radiobuttons; Add Questions with RadioButtons
    15. How to Submit Form to Sheets and Store Form Response in the Sheet Columns
    16. How to Update and Add Data to Sheet with Google Apps Script
  13. Chapter 13 : Create a WebApp API Endpoint Google Apps Script; Add-On Project
    1. Create and Deploy Google Apps Script Add-On to Google Services
    2. Output Sheet Data as JSON API Sheets Data as WebApp Endpoint
    3. Set Up to Deploy Apps Script Code as Addon; JSON Manifest File Addon Project ID
    4. Addon Setup; HomePage Setup; Addon Interface for Docs
    5. Get JSON data into Doc URL; Fetch Content
    6. Overview Addon Complete Coding
  14. Chapter 14 : Apps Script Code Examples, Questions, and Sample Code
    1. Google Apps Script DocumentApp Table Class; Table Rows; Adding and Updating
    2. Document Copy by Elements: Coding Example

Product information

  • Title: Google Apps Script on the New IDE: Complete Course with 100+ Examples
  • Author(s): Laurence Svekis
  • Release date: June 2021
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781801074360