Chapter 2. Making Gmail Work for Your Business

In This Chapter

  • Making the switch to Gmail

  • Configuring your Gmail system

  • Importing your old e-mail system into Gmail

  • Working Google Talk into your system

Is there a place where you can't get your e-mail now? Such electronic communications used to be the sole domain of desktop-bound appliances and limited to a cognizant few. Now e-mail is woven into the very fabric of business, an indispensible tool in your quest to get things done. You can check your e-mail account (or accounts) from one single computer, but you're more likely to check it on your desktop computer, your laptop, your mobile device, your kid's gaming computer, and so on. Because you need a reliable e-mail service that's available from just about anywhere, Google's Gmail service is a perfect choice. And don't let the beta tag next to Gmail's logo fool you — it's a powerful service that keeps getting more services and more storage space.

Considerations Before You Make the Change

Before you consider the switch to Gmail and Google Apps, take a look at your current e-mail system. Maybe you're like the folks at Jake's Landscaping, who have had no cohesive e-mail system up to this point. Jake has e-mail through his ISP, whereas James uses a Web-based e-mail service. Any temporary employees have their own e-mail accounts — through school, another Web-based system, or some other e-mail service. Some may not even have e-mail yet and rely on phone-based text messaging. There's definitely ...

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