Chapter 4. Collaborating with Google Docs

In This Chapter

  • Creating and altering documents in Google Docs

  • Collaborating on Google Docs

  • Organizing and finding documents in Google Docs

Modern business requires the use of basic office programs to create documents, track statistics on spreadsheets, or make presentations. These programs make it easy to do this work, but they also have their drawbacks. Microsoft Office, for example, comes with all the programs you need, but it's expensive to purchase and upgrade. Open Office is free, but it still requires installation on your computer, and the documents you create reside right there with the programs. To share these documents, you still have to e-mail or transfer the files to others if you want several people to see or work on them.

When this process of e-mailing or transferring documents begins, it gets hard to track all the changes and keep current copies of the documents. As a result, some copies of the documents may contain some but not all the changes, and you've got bad information going around. Even if you have a common server, it's not always possible to have multiple people work on the documents and see the changes in real time.

Google Docs presents an easy solution to these problems, and it does so in a way that allows you to control who has access to documents and how changes are made. This drastically changes the way your company does business by making your resources available wherever and whenever you need them to be.

Understanding ...

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