Chapter 2. Domain Names for New Companies and More

In This Chapter

  • Choosing a domain name for your developing business

  • Creating your site's appearance and determining its size

  • Making a good impression

The previous chapter described creating a domain name for an existing business. Your choice of a name in this situation is quite constrained by what already exists in the real world. If you have a new business, creating a domain name is much harder as the possibilities can seem endless.

It's easy to find yourself cycling among possible businesses you could be in, products and services you could offer, locations where you could be based, and domain names that are — or aren't — available.

It's no crime to register a few domain names that you end up not using. But if you reserve many more than that, you are probably wasting time and money you need for building your business.

This chapter briefly describes how to narrow your choices to a realistic handful, make a choice you can live with, and then focus your online effort. If you want to take an existing business to the next level or if you are considering a strong Internet extension of your business, this chapter is for you.

Designing an Internet Business

Because it's new, the Internet seems to offer nothing but possibilities. But actually, one of the most important factors for real-world businesses is what is not available on the Web.

In the real world, you start a business of a given type — say, a pet store or a hair salon — that happens to meet ...

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