Chapter 6. Creating a Google Site

In This Chapter

  • Making initial site decisions

  • Creating your first pages

  • Adjusting the page navigation

  • Changing themes, colors, and fonts

  • Dealing with collaboration

This chapter shows you how to create a useful and search-friendly site. In this chapter we use Google Sites as our tool, but the lessons here apply to any Web site you create and any tool you use to create it — or even sites created for you by an expert.

Creating a search-friendly site is not easy, but it's important. Like much else having to do with Google (or with business in general), seemingly minor early decisions can affect your site for a long time. So take the time to understand the points in this chapter and be ready to put them into practice.

Initial Site Decisions

To better demonstrate some of the concepts in this chapter, we use an example business site. In this site, we advertise a small business with a single service — computer repair in your home or office — and a single product — a tool called SpeedChecker that ensures that your computer is running up to specifications. A lot of businesses start as a service and then develop products out of tools they use, so this is a common situation.

Our small business is based in Coronado, California. The main road through Coronado is called the Silver Strand, so we call the business Silver Strand PC Services.

Note that we're careful to avoid calling the business Coronado PC Services. That's because Coronado is a very specific place, and if we ...

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