Chapter 7. Editing a Google Site

In This Chapter

  • Understanding the best ways to present text on your site

  • Editing pages with the Format menu and with HTML

  • Using horizontal rules

  • Linking within your page and outside your page

  • Dealing with images

After you've created your Google site and set up the initial structure — pages, navigation, and sharing — it's time to actually put something on the pages. This takes a little getting used to.

Increasingly, Web sites are the public face of a business. Whereas people used to judge you from your reputation, your advertisements, and their initial experience of your customer service, they can now thoroughly investigate you via the Web. If you look solid and professional online, they're more likely to do business with you; if not, they may well call someone else.

Mostly, you learn by experimentation, but it's good to know what is and isn't possible before you start. You need some guidance as you prepare content for the first time. So this chapter takes you through the basics.

Editing Pages — Text Options

Although the Web is getting more and more media-friendly and interactive, text is still the most important element of most Web sites, especially company sites.

Reading onscreen is physically difficult because the screen has lower resolution than a page and is very bright from emitted rather than reflected light. Site visitors often tend to skim text rather than read it closely. Use smaller chunks of text with high readability realizing that users are likely ...

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