Chapter 3. Selling More with Google Analysis Tools

In This Chapter

  • Increasing sales by making adjustments to your Web site

  • Understanding and implementing split tests

  • Exploring AdWords graphs

  • Introducing Google Analytics

People talk a lot about how much the Web does for business — and a lot of success stories back that up. Google Apps and all the related Google tools are a great opportunity for you to create your own success story.

Google Ads represent a new, attractive technique for bringing in business. But to get the most business possible at the lowest price and with the greatest results takes analysis.

There's an old saying about how too much thinking and studying can prevent action: "paralysis by analysis." But these days, acting without having the data to back up your choices is often just not good enough.

Selling is increasingly data-driven, with hard information replacing guesstimates and intuition or laying the groundwork for intuition to be used on a higher level.

Salespeople have a famous differentiation: Real potential customers are prospects, but people who are just gathering information and wasting time are suspects.

By using a data-driven approach, you can find more prospects and avoid suspects before they even begin to waste your time. In fact, with Google Ads, you can let prospects find you — the suspects just find other things to do.

Then, intuition and analysis can combine to help you get the most out of the opportunities in front of you.

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