When you were starting your small business, you probably made sure that you had the basics — your brilliant idea, maybe an office or storefront, a computer, and (we hope) enough capital to get started. You're not a huge operation, so you don't have a lot of cash or resources to spend on the extras. And, you may think that this principle probably applies to your IT needs as well: If you have a computer and a network connection, you may think that's all you need.

There's more out there, though — more tools you can use to keep your records, reach your customers, and make your business thrive. These Internet-based tools can make a huge difference when it comes to your work, and they're easy to obtain. Best of all, they're available at little to no cost.

You've probably heard the name Google. The name of the company has become synonymous with looking for anything you might want on the Internet, and you can access its services from just about anywhere on the planet. What you may not know is what other services Google can offer to the small business owner. With these services, you can create your own IT department and get your business on the Internet quickly and safely.

And that's where this huge book comes in. All the information gathered here helps you get started, from setting up your own Google applications to selling your products and services online to making all your data and transactions safe. You are introduced to almost everything Google has to offer, and you see how ...

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