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Google Cloud Platform Administration

Book Description

Make the most of GCP's offerings to manage your data center workload and optimize deployments

Key Features

  • Discover new techniques to administer, manage, and deploy applications on GCP
  • Understand effective solutions for storing, retrieving, and deploying your container images
  • Explore various offerings of GCP for operations and security

Book Description

On-premise data centers are costly to manage. If you need a data center but don't want to deal with a physical one, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is the solution. With GCP, you can build, test, and deploy applications on Google's infrastructure.

Google Cloud Platform Administration begins with GCP fundamentals, with the help of which you will deploy your first app and gain an understanding of Google Cloud architecture and services. Furthermore, you will learn how to manage Compute, networking, and storage resources. As you make your way through the book, you will learn how to track and manage GCP's usage, monitoring, and billing access control. You will also be able to manage your GCP's access and permissions. In the concluding chapters, you will explore a list of different developer tools for managing and interacting with the GCP platform.

By the end of this book, you will have learned how to effectively deploy workloads on GCP.

What you will learn

  • Understand all GCP Compute components
  • Deploy and manage multiple GCP storage options
  • Manage and utilize the networking resources offered by GCP
  • Explore the functionalities and features of the GCP Container
  • Understand the workings of GCP operations such as monitoring and error reporting
  • Discover an immune GCP using its identity and security options

Who this book is for

Google Cloud Platform Administration is for administrators, cloud architects, and engineers who want to leverage the upcoming Google Cloud Platform. Some basic understanding of cloud computing will be useful.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright and Credits
    1. Google Cloud Platform Administration
  3. Dedication
  4. Packt Upsell
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    2. Packt.com
  5. Contributors
    1. About the author
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  6. Preface
    1. Who this book is for
    2. What this book covers
    3. To get the most out of this book
      1. Download the color images
      2. Conventions used
    4. Get in touch
      1. Reviews
  7. Introduction to Google Cloud Platform
    1. Introduction to cloud computing
    2. Introducing GCP
      1. GCP services
      2. Compute services
      3. Storage services
      4. Networking services
      5. Big data
    3. Data centers and regions
    4. Relating AWS and Azure to GCP
      1. Exploring GCP
      2. Creating your first project
    5. Using the command line
    6. Summary
  8. Google Cloud Platform Compute
    1. Google Compute Engine
      1. f1-micro bursting machine types
      2. Mega-memory machine types
      3. Images
    2. Creating a VM instance
    3. Preemptible VM instances
    4. Live migration
      1. Instance templates
    5. Google App Engine
    6. Kubernetes engine
    7. Node pools
    8. Google Cloud Functions
    9. Summary
  9. Google Cloud Platform Storage
    1. Persistent storage
    2. Google Cloud Storage buckets
    3. Google Cloud Spanner
    4. Google Cloud SQL
    5. Google Cloud Bigtable
    6. Summary
  10. Google Cloud Platform Networking
    1. VPC networks
    2. Routes
    3. Firewall
    4. VPC network peering
    5. Private Google access
    6. Other networking concepts
      1. Load balancing
    7. Google Cloud CDN
    8. Cloud VPN
    9. Cloud interconnect
    10. Summary
  11. Google Cloud Platform Containers
    1. Kubernetes concepts
    2. Administering a cluster
    3. Configuring cluster networking
      1. Multi-zone clusters
    4. Preemptible instances
    5. Summary
  12. Google Cloud Platform Operations
    1. Stackdriver monitoring and logging
    2. Logging
    3. Stackdriver error reporting
    4. Stackdriver debugger
    5. Stackdriver profiler
    6. Stackdriver Trace
    7. Summary
  13. Google Cloud Platform Identity and Security
    1. Infrastructure and cloud platform security
    2. Identity and access management
    3. Key management service
    4. Cloud security scanner
    5. Data loss prevention
    6. Security keys
    7. Summary
  14. Google Cloud Platform Billing
    1. Billing concepts
    2. Managing billing
    3. Analyzing a billing account
    4. Setting up a budget
    5. Summary
  15. Google Cloud Platform Tools
    1. Deployment Manager
    2. GCP marketplace
    3. GCP Cloud SDK
    4. Cloud API
    5. Cloud shell
    6. Summary
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